Over 30 Years' experience delivering better hearing solutions

Are Your Family Complaining The TV is Too Loud?

Do You Think That People Are Mumbling?

These are all signs that there may be a problem with your hearing. However, that problem may not be hearing loss, it could be ear wax build up. You will never know without having your hearing assessed. 

We know we can help you, we have over 30 years' experience in hearing aid audiology. We offer no pressure, complimentary hearing tests so that you will be able to get to the bottom of any issues. If there is a hearing loss, we offer the latest digital hearing aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers, backed up with outstanding aftercare. If it is simply ear wax, we can deal with that too.

As an independently owned hearing aid centre, we will give you completely impartial advice and access to all the world's leading manufacturers of hearing devices. We understand that an investment in a hearing solution is in fact an investment in a better life, and we take that investment seriously. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If we find that you do have a hearing loss, we offer a cast iron guarantee that we will help you hear better or you will receive a 100% refund for your hearing aids. We call it the Satisfaction Guarantee.

We provide solutions that deliver results, so you can get on with simply hearing better and enjoying the moment

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Victoria Dixon

Senior Audiologist

Victoria is our senior Hearing Aid Audiologist and Clinical Ear Care Practioner. Victoria has over 25 years’ experience in audiology working for some of the leading British and international companies. She is also a trainer in clinical ear care for the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiology, and a lecturer on the HND Hearing Aid Audiology course at Mary Hare Training, Newbury.

She is also creator and course leader of the new BSc in Hearing Aid Sciences in conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire. Victoria is a highly regarded Audiologist in the profession and is widely known in the private sector.

Helping People Hear Better is What Drives Me

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Victoria Dixon

Tom Dixon


Tom is our Hearing Aid Audiologist, Hearing Protection Specialist and Centre Manager. Tom has a great wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with specialist products, such as: the latest technology in hearing instruments, custom made hearing protection for industry's such as shooting, motorsport and industrial screening.

Tom also is our expert for musicians hearing services, which include custom made ER filtered plugs, and in ear monitors. He regularly consults to musicians at various studios around Worcestershire on all aspects of hearing and hearing protection.

Our Sole Purpose is To Help You Hear Better

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Tom Dixon


Cindel OrandayDixon

Design and Marketing Manager



Cindel Oranday Dixon joined the team September 2015. Cindel married Victoria’s eldest son Mathew making this a truly family orientated business. Cindel, completed 5 years of study at the University Of Monterrey, Mexico, where she studied her degree in Architecture, Design and Photography.

She is using her design and photographic skills to help the centre constantly update and improve their marketing and digital presence. Cindel has a wealth of service-focused skills she has acquired working in many different customer-facing roles whilst completing her studies.

Alex Eaves


Alex Eaves is Victoria’s nephew and continues the third family generation in the audiology business. After completing his business studies at Worcester Technology College, Alex decided he would like to become part of the family business.

He completed his Hear Care Assistants course in Mary Hare Newbury in September 2016 and is now studying at Aston University for his Hearing Aid Audiology degree.

Alex has completed and passed his theory exams and is now practicing as a pre-registered Hearing Aid Audiologist. He has also completed a Nationally Renowned Clinical Ear Care Course at The NHS Ear Care Centre of Excellence in Rotherham and has joined our expert team qualified  to remove ear wax.

Alex has handed over the role of Hear Care Assistant to Laura Barker who joined the team earlier this year, however, you may see him performing hearing aid clean, check and minor repair duties along with the other Audiologists to ensure our client open door policy is available to anyone that may need attention.


Alex Eaves

Michele Sprason


Michele will be the bubbly person on the end of the phone when you make your appointment and the smiley face you see when you walk into the centre.

Before joining our team, Michele worked in the care sector for 7 years. She is a very caring person and loves working with people.


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Michele Sprason


Helen Westenbrink




Helen has recently joined the team, she brings with her a lot of experience she has gained in the NHS as well as in the private sector. Helen completed her masters degree at the University of Southampton and has enjoyed her role as an audiologist helping people experience better hearing. She is very keen on the application of recent technology that helps her clients meet their hearing needs.

Her desire to embrace new challenges and her passion for exceptional client care is a welcome asset to the practice.

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We provide solutions that deliver results, so you can get on with simply enjoying the moment

Looking For Safe, Comfortable Micro suction
Earwax Removal in Worcester?

we have invested heavily in an ENT clinic grade ear care set up, for providing both micro suction and irrigation ear wax removal at our hearing aid centre in Worcester

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We ensure that we get the most accurate results from our testing

We have taken great pains in designing our soundbooth and commissioning our test equipment in order that we can guarantee the most accurate test results.

Our solutions are built from the clear understanding of your requirements

With accurate test results and intimate knowledge of your lifestyle problems and needs, we build a holistic solution for you offering the best equipment and services for your individual needs.

We ensure that you and your hearing aids are well supported by our friendly team

Providing the solution is not enough, it is just the beginning of your better hearing journey. We ensure that we offer the best continuous service in order that your solution continues to deliver.

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