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Tom Dixon

29th January 2020

Hearing Aid Prices That Give You The Whole Story

“What’s the difference between you and the high street or website companies”, said every customer we have ever seen!

In the last few years, hearing aid pricing has become more transparent and we applaud this. What hasn't really become transparent though, is exactly what you get for the price. At WS Hearing we have always been dedicated to providing best practice hearing care and we are proud to offer clear and transparent pricing plans at our Worcester Hearing Centre.

We understand that private hearing care is considered expensive and when purchasing a pair of hearing aids the ongoing service required to keep and your hearing aids maintained and programmed efficiently can’t always be appreciated until it's required. Historically with independent providers these costs have always been bundled together with the hearing aid cost.

This makes the initial cost layout for the customer much higher than expected in some cases. This is often the difference in the level of satisfaction that a customer has with their hearing care provider. Comments like “I only saw them once after the hearing aids were fitted and nothing since”, are all too familiar with us.

The high street or online providers are often the facilitators of such dissatisfaction but in their defence, they didn’t offer you best practice ongoing care because they have also bundled a price together and just used the term all aftercare inclusive.
We very much believe in our PREMIUM CARE PLAN and is often the only reason for our customers to choose us over the high street or online providers. The high street and online providers on the outset appear to do the same as ourselves but for a cheaper price.

We and their existing customers know that this isn’t the case, they have a very streamlined ongoing service protocol that is most cases causes high levels of dissatisfaction. There are also major differences in what is legally acceptable and fitting of devices and what is considered best practice.

You can read all about our best practice PREMIUM CARE PLAN and why we think REMs are important HERE. You can also hear from some of our existing customer about their experiences and why they wouldn’t choose any other provider to look after their hearing care HERE.  
Our team of highly qualified professionals will advise you on the best value package for you in the initial consultation. If our customers later realise that they would benefit from the higher levels of best practice protocols and other benefits that go with our premium care plan they can simply upgrade for small nominal monthly cost of £15 for a single aid and £25 for a pair.

This keeps the initial outlay down and the ongoing costs very manageable. We also have the ability to offer interest-free financing on hearing aid packages. To read about our finance partner click HERE
To see what our different hearing aid package costs are, click HERE

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