Medico-Legal Hearing Services in Worcester

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Medico Legal Hearing Services

Our audiologists are trained to the highest clinical standards and have years of experience undertaking clinical level hearing evaluations. We can provide Medico-Legal Services to your business in Worcestershire. 

Full Audiograms

As a starting point, we can provide you with audiograms comprising bone-masked conduction to establish clearly if your case is a positive or negative. An audiogram conducted properly at the outset will save your company a lot of time.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise induced hearing loss cases demand expertise in accurate testing and diagnosis to ensure each case is dealt with fairly and correctly. Our audiogram service is available nationwide from our numerous clinics, we also offer a convenient on-site visit service where one of our audiology experts can attend to carry out a single case or multiple cases. Medico-legal mobile hearing testing services are also available.

Experienced ENT Consultants

On the next stage, we can instruct an ENT Consultant with Medico-Legal experience to see your case in detail reviewing all the medical records and employment history.

Following a clinical interview, examination and pure tone audiogram, a full report will be produced and sent to you within 14 days.

All reports adhere to Coles, Lutman & Buffin Guidelines.

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