We are living in unprecedented times. At Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres we have come to the difficult decision to cancel our clinic for all face-to-face consultations from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.

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Worcester Hearing Centre Premium Hearing Care

While we talk a lot about the premium level of hearing care we offer at our hearing centre in Worcester. What exactly does it mean to you, and how does it compare to others?

We won't speak to what others offer, as it isn't our place, but we will explain what premium hearing care means to us and what we will deliver to you as our customer. We will also prove that the package is worth up to £880 in the first and up to £510 a year on an ongoing basis.

Best Practice Hearing Care

Our hearing care journey is designed to deliver both premium and best practice hearing care, it involves the following, no matter what level of hearing aid technology you purchase.

Your initial assessment will include:

Video otoscopy: we use a video otoscope to show you on the computer screen the health of your ear canals and eardrums. The Video Otoscope also allows us to capture images for later comparison. 

Tympanometry: we use a tympanometer to assess the health and function of your middle ear. It allows us to quickly identify any possible middle ear problems and allows for a quick referral if needed.

Puretone audiometry: Puretone audiometry is the basis of the hearing aid prescription and it allows us to understand the softest sound you can hear and the shape of your hearing loss. It also helps us to identify any conductive hearing loss issues and any reason for referral.

QuickSIN: QuickSIN or Quick Speech In Noise is an important test that assesses both your ability to understand speech in noise and your hearing device needs to help you in noisy situations. It is imperative to give you the best recommendation to hear better. (Assessment charged at £100 normally)

Your Hearing Aid Fitting will include:

In-situ Audiometry: Insitu is undertaken through the hearing aids in your ear, it allows us to set the hearing aid to your needs.

REM’s Verification: Real Ear Measurements are then undertaken to ensure that the hearing aids are performing in your ear as they are supposed to. REM is the only way for us to assess hearing aid functionality in the ear.  It also allows us to make real-time changes to ensure your hearing aids are delivering the sound you need to hear better.

Real-world Experience: Our state of the art equipment allows us to assess how your hearing aids function for you in real-world situations. It means that we can replicate the situations that you are having problems in and work to solve those problems.

While that is your first fitting, there will also be up to three follow up sessions to ensure that you are well on your way to hearing better. (our initial fitting service is charged at £150 for non-customers)

Your Aftercare

Your initial aftercare after the fitting period will move to six-monthly reviews. Your six-month appointments will include clean and care of your hearing aids, a check of your ears and your hearing aids, in-situ audiometry to check your perception hasn't changed and finally any changes that may need to be undertaken. (appointments for non-customers are charged at £80)

At either the 12or 18 month reassessment we will perform all of the testing that we undertook at your initial assessment and fitting. This allows us to assess any changes in your hearing ability and deliver the optimum experience with your hearing aids. (appointments for non-customers are charged at £150)

Open door policy

We also have a completely open-door policy in our practice, you can come to see us at any time. Our reception staff are hearing care assistants and they can handle most troubleshooting issues. If there is a deeper issue, you will be booked in to see one of our audiological team.

Ear wax removal

As part of our ongoing service, we offer ear wax removal appointments free to our customers. (Usually up to £80 per session)

4 Year Hearing aid warranty

All of our customers get a four-year hearing aid warranty, that's four year's peace of mind that if your hearing aid goes wrong, it will be fixed for free. (Usual cost of extra warranty £300)

Unlimited wax guards

Those hearing aid speakers need protecting, we offer free unlimited wax guards to ensure that yours are protected at no extra cost. (£499 per pack)

Unlimited batteries for two years

To keep those hearing aids running, we offer unlimited free batteries (where needed) so you don't have to worry about buying them. (Rayovac £3.49 per pack)

Loan hearing aid service

We will also give you loaner hearing aids if your hearing aids need to be repaired. (Usual cost £40)

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